Lady in Pink


Her world is covered in pink,

filled with sweetness and love,

her eyes only see the presence of love,

‘cos her heart is white as the color of dove.


She’s beautiful suchlike a maiden in love,

her laugh is warm like my pillow at night.

Her smile is radiant as the sun so bright,

her hand is open so generous, so kind.


How much I love, how much I adore

this lady in pink so distant and pure

how I yearn for, how i hold on

to this feeling so whole.


Now your away, so painful, so blue

I only see you in my mind like clue

her name in my mind, stick like glue,

her name…Ramielle… my best friend, the lady in pink.


I crave to kiss you,,I wish to hug you,
I desire to care for you, I want to believe in you

I dream to live with you, I yearn to love you.

I want to look up to see you, ‘cos you’re my star

I covet to fly above the sky to hold you

‘cos you’re my angel up in sky.

I simply want to be with you,

But how can I do this with you…

If you’re not true.


I saw the good in you,

Out of everyone else around

And this foreign feeling I will pursue,

An unknown feeling so profound.

You glowed from everyone else,

In the crowd of crows, you were a dove.

Refuse to lose this feeling that dwells

Which I think is called…love.



Lost…forgotten…no one will listen,

Only I are there in the world of unfair,

I… a person in a mask, the master of disguise

Two face I have,

One is upbeat, the other is heartsick

I in dread never slip in fret.

Then He arrived,

When I least expected.

My heart moved by His words,

Relieved in distress

From having so much to say,

My savior…My best friend… My first love.

Repair I must, to love I shall

My life,I will change

But I’m so far away

God I ask,

Bring me near to you,

Forever in debt…I shall worship you.