Firmly Planted


This is not new. We hurt those we love and we are hurt in return. When we love someone we will be love in return. It will be always and will never change, now I know the proverb of ” you reap what you sow” so live our lives with no regrets. Love blooms where kindness is planted. Feel the blessings in your hands and spread it out. So love, dream and cherish and good karma will always come.:)


             As I stare out of nowhere ( a normal thing for me to do) the idea of having a vacation unfold in my mind. But where can I find the best place to be in this world? Crime and war disport everywhere and peace blot out all over the map. I’m thinking of having fun and wind down while others are flogging for their lives. I’m talking about “peace” here cause I’m a peace advocate. Can onerous killings make our desires come true? I don’t think so. Nothing will be accomplished, only the desire to kill again will keep up. Revenge will take over forgiveness and peace. Time will come, there will be no more blissful vacation. let’s have one’s eye on this world to shatter and await for our new tomorrow with our Creator, it is indeed the best place to be.

Just Another Day

I woke up this morning with my madness waiting. sweating all the sweats and after that, eat my usual breakfast ( the bread and lemon). As the sun rises I prayed for a brand new day, but today is just another day. I wish my chord to change; from numb to bliss, old to new, repeated to inconstant and dreary to riveting. Yeah I know… I should try something new, Something new that abreast me to change.